In district heating plants, using an electric boiler for hot water can offer quite a few benefits – for both your operation as well as the environment! 🔌

So, what are these benefits?

Here is a list of some of the most prominent benefits that district heating plants can gain by utilizing an electric boiler:

  • Reduce reliance on fossil fuels – An electric boiler can be utilized when electricity prices are at their lowest to not only create more cost-effective heating but to also reduce the need for fossil fuel heating. This makes an electrical boiler a greener alternative, especially when the electricity comes from renewable sources such as solar or wind power ☀️

  • High efficiency – The conversion of electricity to heat is very efficient with an absolute minimal loss. This results in lower overall costs and thereby a higher degree of cost-effectiveness over time 🔋

  • Flexibility – Compared to other solutions, an electrical boiler has very little ramp-up time and can be engaged on very little notice. Additionally, electrical boilers typically require far less time to install as fewer parts are involved, no burner and chimney are required, and they are oftentimes smaller than other types of boilers. These things may prove a significant advantage for smaller locations or systems with fluctuating needs for output.

  • Less Maintenance – With the absence of a chimney and no burning of material, no soot is generated by an electrical boiler. Likewise, no wearing mechanical parts are needed. Thus, an electrical boiler requires far less maintenance than boilers that employ different heat-generating mechanisms.

  • Furthermore, heat generated by an electrical boiler when energy prices are low can be stored in the facility’s accumulation tank, which further decreases the impact of fluctuating energy prices.

These are just an excerpt of reasons why we think electrical boilers are a sublime choice for district heating plants but also industry and other heating purposes 🎯

We are always happy to discuss how they can be employed in specific cases to meet particular demands. So, do not hesitate to reach out!

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