For more than 80 years Danstoker has been renowned for innovative and robust boiler designs, which continue to this day. A fact that we are very proud of 🏆

We offer a variety of effective steam and high-pressure hot water biomass boilers for industrial use (type: COMBO-BIO, DHF-HP, DHF and HHF).

Specifically, our biomass boilers are always tailored to the intended fuel and the specifications of the plant where it is to be used. And, of course, biomass boilers are simply an ideal choice for an eco-conscious user, as they can be fitted to use excess materials from other productions as fuel ♻️

We take great care in ensuring that the operators of our machinery are safe and protected. Danstoker boilers are made and manufactured with an explicit focus on the safety of the end-user. Our products protect the operator from any unintended contact with hot surfaces or sharp edges 👷‍♂️

However, perhaps most noteworthy, our biomass boilers are manufactured using a design & technology (stay bar panel wall) that makes them as effective yet also significantly cheaper to manufacture than other products on the market with similar capabilities, reaching a design pressure of 18 barg. When design pressure is higher than 18 barg, we offer our COMBO-BIO solution.

We solely supply biomass boilers through our skilled and trustworthy partners, who supply turn-key solutions for both district heating plants and industrial facilities worldwide.

So, if you are interested in becoming a partner and employing Danstoker boilers as part of your solutions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d be happy to discuss what advantages we may be able to offer you.