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Danstoker Profile



80 years of accumulated experience. Intensive product development and technical innovation, has resulted in environmentally sustainable and highly economic boilers for the international energy sector.
The climatic scenario of the future, sustainable energy and quality are important factors and incentives for the development and manufacture of the high-performance boilers that have made the Danstoker known as one of the leading boiler-makers in Europe.
Danstoker offers a wide range of boilers for : 

► Bio fuels
► Oil and/or Gas & Biogas
► Hot exhaust gases


for the generation of :


► Hot water (LTHW)
► High pressure hot water

► Steam


With capacities from 200 kW to 50,000 kW or from 200 kg steam/h to 55,000 kg steam/h and a design pressure up to 40 bar-g, the boiler range provides ample possibility of finding exactly the boilers best suited for the specific projects.




Danstoker Poland



As part of the Danstoker Group, Danstoker Poland belongs to one of the European market leaders in the industrial boiler business.
With its innovative approach and product range for Sustainable Energy Solutions Danstoker Poland specialize on the market segments in the eastern sections of Europe.
The wide range of standard as well as custom build boilers for hot water and steam applications, generated from fossil and biofuels, is manu-factured in the brand new and top modern factory in Ostrowiec, Poland.
Special software programs for stress calculation, flow and temperature modeling secure the customers’ requirements as well as compliance with the strictest standards of design, quality and testing. 


The Danstoker Group



Boilerworks has since 1959 specialized in the manufacture and delivery of high pressure components to power plants, waste and biomass combustion plants, industrial and petrochemical plants. The high-pressure components include piping systems, membrane walls, headers, etc. for the most advanced pressurized installations.
Additionally Boilerworks produces a wide selection of heat exchangers and economizers.


The Group



Thermax Limited is a company, providing a range of engineer-ing solutions to the energy and environment sectors.
Headquartered in India and operate globally through offices and manufacturing facilities, our presence spans 75 countries worldwide

Solutions Suite – Innovative and Eco-friendly

• Heating equipment - using a

   variety of fuels, including

• Absorption chillers - fired by

   waste heat or steam
• Power and captive co-

   generation plants
• Waste heat recovery units
• Waste water management

   systems – pre-treatment,

   waste water treatment and

   chemical conditioning of

   water, sewage effluent

   treatment and recycling
• Air pollution control systems
• Performance improving


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